The Continuing Saga of the Commodore's Cruiser

80mm Front Brake Caliper Upgrade

Courtesy of Richard "Arch" Archer

Richard Archer("Arch") is in the process of rebuilding a 1976 Glenbrook with 128,000 miles that he purchased for $5,000. This is another installment in the continuing saga of one man's adventure with a "bargain" GMC.
This is a continuation of Front Suspension and Drive Rebuild. If you're wondering how we got here, go back and read that first.
This upgrade uses commonly available parts, but does require some modification of those parts.
This is the new 80mm brake caliper. It must be modified by removing the cast "boss" left of center above the piston.
Some careful use of the grinding wheel removes the boss level with the rest of the casting.
On this particular vehicle, there was a rectangular "flashing" on the passenger side hub that prevented the caliper from seating. Once it was removed with a die grinder, the caliper slipped right on.
The 80mm caliper has a different hose fitting arrangement than the original caliper. It uses a "banjo" bolt instead of the inverted flare of the original. The necessary hoses are readily availabe, but must be bent to clear the ball joints and CV joint boots.
The hose end is steel and has been placed into a vise with padded jaws to prevent scarring. Bend that hose very carefully.
Here is the almost completed installation. Almost because the hose is still too close to the CV joint boot. It was removed and bent slightly more for clearance.

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