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The Continuing Saga of the Commodore's Cruiser

One Man's Journey With A "Bargain" GMC Motorhome

Meet The Commodore

The "Commodore" is Richard "Arch" Archer, a professor of Industrial Design at Southern Illinois University, "Arch" wears the Commodore moniker as a result of his involvement with The Great Cardboard Boat Regatta. He recently came upon a 1976 GMC Glenbrook for sale at the "bargain" price of $5,000 with 128,000 total miles and 12,000 since a "rebuild" of the engine and transmission. However, Arch, who had previously rebuilt a motorhome from the ground up, harbored no illusions concerning the nature of this find, which had been sitting for the majority of the past 12 years and, in his words, was "a sad case". It was stored outside, squatted down in the position that GMC's with deflated air springs assume. The headliner was in tatters and all the exterior window felts were rotted. But, on the brighter side, the cabinetry was in good shape and the Oldsmobile 455 fired right up upon request with no smoking.

Well, in no time, the deal was done and, Arch, with two years left until retirement, set out to rebuild his new acquisition. He has graciously agreed to document the process and allow us to vicariously follow along. We at hope that these pages will help to answer some of the many questions that inevitably arise whenever someone unfamiliar with these coaches locates a "bargain" GMC.

The Journey Begins

 It Ran Yesterday!?

 Air System Upgrade

 Front Suspension and Drive Rebuild

 80mm Front Brake Caliper Upgrade

 Rear Suspension Woes

 Installing Caspro Transmission Shift Kit

 Propane Tank Compartment Clean-up

 Stainless Steel Water Heater Tank

 Clearance Light Replacement

 Cab Area Sliding Window Repair

 12 Volt House Power Panel Replacement

 Cockpit Side Windows, Resealing

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